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ceo. educator. stylist

hi, I'm Omega.


I've been in this industry since I was a baby. I attended Cosmetology School and received my license  during high school in 2010. 


Over the years I have worked with a hundreds of women who all had  different hair textures, yes before social media I was behind the chair. I have participated in different hair shows and spoke at hair extension conferences.  

Later , I opened my first salon and then opened a cosmetology program with my local public school for upcoming sophomores, and juniors.


OPHAIRCARE, is a professional product that can help the average stylist or young adult achieve that flawless silk press or  sew in with quality of our products. 


I hear all the time that certain products don't work on this or that hair texture or their hair doesn't hold a curl, while I'm here to tell you when you invest in the RIGHT PRODUCTS all things are possible. 



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